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Market Women: Turkeys

Impression: Library of Congress
Library of Congress
(FP-XIX-W576, no. 386)
Number: 424
Date: 1888
Medium: etching
Size: 102 x 68 mm
Signed: butterfly at upper centre
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: no
No. of States: 2
Known impressions: 1
Catalogues: K.386; M.386
Impressions taken from this plate  (1)


market, bird, people, pigeons, poultry, streetscape, town, turkey, woman.


Two different titles, with variations, have been used for this etching, as follows:

'Market Women Turkeys' (1891, Whistler). 1
'Turkeys' (1897, Wunderlich's). 2
'Turkeys, Loches' (1898, Wunderlich's). 3
'Market Women, Loches' (1902, Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932)). 4
'Market Women, Loches' (1903/1935, possibly Rosalind Birnie Philip (1873-1958)). 5
'Market-Women, Loches' (1909, Howard Mansfield (1849-1938)). 6

Whistler's original title, with added punctuation, 'Market Women: Turkeys', distinguishes this etching from several similar subjects, such as Booth, Market Place, Loches 425 and Market Women, Loches 423. The shorter alternative, 'Turkeys', could be confused in the records with a Venetian etching, Turkeys 236.

1: Whistler to Wunderlich's, 6 April 1891, GUW #13097.

2: 24 September 1897, GUW #07287.

3: New York 1898 (cat. no. 236).

4: Kennedy 1902[more] (cat. no. 335).

5: Envelope containing copper plate, Hunterian Art Gallery.

6: Mansfield 1909[more] (cat. no. 386).


In an open space, in front of a building, there is a group of five women. Three are standing, one near the centre, and two are seated in chairs, with goods at their feet. In the background, at the right are three more women, and at the left is a woman standing in front of a doorway within which another woman appears. Above this there is the suggestion of a wrought iron balcony. In the foreground there are two turkeys, a box and a basket.


Loches, a town on the river Loire, France. This is one of several market scenes etched in the area including The Market Place, Tours 388, Little Market Place, Tours 389, Booth, Market Place, Loches 425 and Market Women, Loches 423.