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Edward Guthrie Kennedy, 1849-1932

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1849


Edward Guthrie Kennedy, dealer with H. Wunderlich & Co., New York.


Kennedy, a leading New York print dealer, represented the New York and Paris firm H. Wunderlich & Co. in their dealings with Whistler from 1885 on. He was on very close terms with Whistler and was christened 'O'K' by Beatrix Whistler after the vanished 'O'Kennedys' of Ireland. After Wunderlich's death he became head of the firm that now bears his name. At one time he was Head of the Grolier Club.

Kennedy first posed for Whistler in July 1892, for a drypoint, Man in an Arbour, but Whistler eventually destroyed the plate. Kennedy lent 13 Whistler etchings and drypoints to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893: Early Portrait of Whistler (cat. no. 1629); The Unsafe Tenement (cat. no. 1630); Tyzac, Whiteley & Co. (cat. no. 1633); The Lime Burner (cat. no. 1636); Whistler (drypoint, cat. no. 1639); Axenfeld (drypoint, cat. no. 1644); The Engraver - Riault (drypoint, cat. no. 1645); The Forge (drypoint, cat. no. 1646); The Storm (drypoint, cat. no. 1648); Steamboat Fleet (drypoint, cat. no. 1652); Battersea Bridge (cat. no. 1653); The Balcony (cat. no. 1668); Court Yard, Brussels (cat. no. 1675). He compiled the standard catalogue of Whistler's etchings, published in 1910, and edited and republished Way's catalogue of Whistler's lithographs, in 1914. His Whistler etchings and annotated correspondence with the artist were presented by him to New York Public Library in 1927.

Portrait of E. G. Kennedy (2) y404 was painted for the sitter; according to Kennedy, as thanks for services rendered, and he posed in Whistler's top floor studio in the rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs in the summer of 1893. In July 1893 Kennedy took his incomplete portrait back to New York. He brought it to Paris again next year when he continued the sittings; by 20 May 1894 Kennedy thought the portrait, which they called 'OK', needed one more session; he posed in the garden, he wrote, on one foot like 'John of Bologna's "Mercury"' (#07233). It was continued in Paris the following summer. Kennedy went to France with Whistler after the death of Beatrix in the summer of 1896, but there was no reference to the portrait being continued. Kennedy thought it 'a "poor" portrait' and did not wish it to be exhibited in his lifetime.


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