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Impression: Hunterian Art Gallery
Hunterian Art Gallery
Number: 256
Date: 1886
Medium: etching
Size: 111 x 70 mm
Signed: butterfly at right
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: no
No. of States: 1
Known impressions: 11
Catalogues: K.256; M.252; W.208
Impressions taken from this plate  (11)


Piccadilly was not published.


It was exhibited at two print dealer's shows, at Obach & Co. in London and H. Wunderlich & Co. in New York, in 1903. 8

An impression was shown by the Grolier Club in New York in 1904, and Messrs Ernest Brown & Phillips lent one to the Whistler Memorial Exhibition in London in 1905. 9

8: New York 1903 (cat. no. 256); see REFERENCES: EXHIBITIONS.

9: New York 1904a (cat. no. 216); London Mem. 1905 (cat. no. 208).


Whistler sold three impressions of Piccadilly to the London print dealers, Messrs Dowdeswell, on 27 July and 26 September 1887 at 4.4.0 each. 10 He must have overestimated the appeal of this tiny, minimalist plate, for it did not sell well, and he retained four impressions (, , , ).

10: GUW #08677, #00897.

At the auction of the collection of the late Joshua Hutchinson Hutchinson (ca 1829 - d.1891) at Sotheby's on 3 March 1892 (lot 310) one impression sold for only 1.10.0 to the print dealer Edmund F. Deprez (1851-1915) of Deprez & Gutekunst. A few years later, in the summer of 1897, H. Wunderlich & Co. bought one from Whistler at a fairly low price, 3.3.0. 11

Samuel Putnam Avery (1822-1904) owned one, which was signed on the tab with a butterfly about 1887 (). Charles Lang Freer (1856-1919) bought one in 1902 from Obach & Co. (). Howard Mansfield (1849-1938) owned another impression, which was sold through A. A. Hahlo & Co., New York, to Harris G. Whittemore (d. ca 1937) in 1919, and was bought by the Library of Congress.

11: A/c., September 1897, GUW #07287.