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Joshua Hutchinson Hutchinson, ca 1829 - d.1891

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: ca 1829
Place of Death: Paddington, London


Joshua Hutchinson Hutchinson was a stockbroker, and a collector. He died before his wife, Louisa Henrietta Hutchinson, who was his executrix.

He died at the age of 62, at his home at 42 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, after a brief illness, of broncho pneumonia and cardiac failure. Although he is sometimes referred to as Joshua Henry Hutchinson, His death certificate and legal documents in 1891 give his name as Joshua Hutchinson Hutchinson. The death was registered by his nephew, Edward Burdett.


Hutchinson was included on a list by JW that may have been a guest list for his 1874 Pall Mall exhibition or a subscription list for his Venice etchings as envisaged in 1876.

In May 1878 when he was nominated to The Arts Club (of which JW was occasionally a member); however, his application was withdrawn.

Hutchinson owned r.: Riva, Venice; v.: Heads and hats m0734, Santa Maria della Salute m0735, The Large Pool m0736, Study for 'The Beggars' (K194) m0864, Design for a Mosaic m1226, The Japanese Dress m1227, Sketch m1327, Street scene m1589 and Doorway in Ajaccio m1690, which were obtained through the agency of Messrs Dowdeswell. He also had a large collection of etchings, including The Long House (The Dyers, Amsterdam) 453.

Following his death, his etchings fetched a good price at Christie's in London on 24 February 1892 (#09676).


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