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Whistler with the White Lock

Impression: Freer Gallery of Art
Freer Gallery of Art
Number: 162
Date: 1876/1879
Medium: etching and drypoint
Size: 118 x 80 mm
Signed: no
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: 'Cancelled Plates', 1879
No. of States: 1
Known impressions: 34
Catalogues: K.172; M.169; W.142
Impressions taken from this plate  (34)


Only one state is known, before cancellation.

State 1

Etching: K1720114
There is no signature or inscription.
There are traces of a scratch over the left eye and a right-left diagonal line (/) crossing it through the eyebrow; the face may have been partially rubbed down.
The impression reproduced has been worked over in wash; it is the earliest known impression.
It is possible that the plate was lightly cancelled, but it looks more like an unfinished plate, and the impression reproduced may have been painted to show how the plate might be developed.

State 1 (published)

Etching: K1720201
The lines look faint and worn.
Published in the 'Cancelled Set' in 1878. This is not the only plate published in the 'Cancelled Set' that was not in fact cancelled.

State 1 (re-issued)

Etching: K1720116
Late impressions are carefully printed, and although actually the same state, look stronger.
Issued by H. Wunderlich & Co. in 1889.

State 1 (cancelled)

Etching: K1720111
The copper plate was cancelled with deep widely spaced crossed lines, six roughly horizontal and five upright and slightly slanting from left to right.