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The Barrow - Quartier des Marolles, Brussels

Impression: Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago
Number: 346
Date: 1887
Medium: etching and drypoint
Size: 128 x 178 mm
Signed: butterfly at right
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: no
No. of States: 8
Known impressions: 17
Catalogues: K.357; M.356; W.253
Impressions taken from this plate  (17)


Eight states are known before cancellation.

State 1

Impression: K3570102
Signed with a butterfly at right, near the right edge.
The composition is mostly complete.

State 2

Impression: K3570002
A group of left to right diagonal drypoint lines (\\\) is added over the heads of the two figures in the doorway at right.

State 3

Impression: K3570003
Some fine drypoint shading is added inside the large doorway at centre left, most notably fine horizontal lines in the lower right corner, beneath the bottle and jug; fine vertical and diagonal lines are added above the heads of the two figures in the doorway at right.

State 4

Impression: K3570203
Heavier horizontal and diagonal drypoint lines are added on the left, inside the large doorway, above the shelf and below the bottle at lower right; heavier right to left diagonals (///) are added above the heads of the two figures in the doorway at right.

State 5

Impression: K3570204
The interior within the large doorway is more heavily shaded with etched lines in all directions; the hair and facial features of the two figures in the doorway at right are changed, and there is diagonal shading added to the shadow above their heads and to the upper left corner of the doorframe.

State 6

Impression: K3570303
A curved patch of dark drypoint shading is added to left of the woman behind the barrow, and there is more shading to left of the dark patch, to the woman's right, and among the dark shading on the right side of the interior; fine darker shading is added between and above the heads of the two figures in the doorway at right.

State 7

Impression: K3570304
Considerable etched shading is added inside both doorways, making the shadows very dark; shading is added to the dress of the woman on the left side of the doorway at right and to the bodice of the woman next to her, whose facial features are changed.

State 8

Impression: K3570305
A small patch of vertical drypoint lines is added below the back of the barrow; a band of very fine, short vertical lines is added below the shutter in the centre.
The impression illustrated has dark patches on areas inside both interiors; this appears to be excess ink that had been left on the surface of the plate, as the cancelled copper plate shows broken lines in those areas, without rework in drypoint.

State 8 (cancelled)

Etching: PS_K357_01 (plate)
Cancelled with one diagonal line.

No impression from the cancelled plate is known. This is a digital image based on the copper plate. 6

6: A scan of the copper plate was flipped horizontally, converted to greyscale, and colour inverted, with enhanced contrast.