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Lobster Pots - Selsea Bill

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Accession no: 1943.3.8559
State: 4/4

Collection credit:  
Image credit:Photo © National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC  
Provenance:Bought by Lessing Julius Rosenwald (1891-1971), Philadelphia; given to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1943.  
Additional acq. no:B-10623  


Paper size:122 x 202 mm  
Plate mark size:110 x 198 mm  
Paper trimmed to pmk?:yes  
Colour of the paper:ivory  
Paper type (wove, laid, Japan etc):Asian laid  
Note on the paper:  
Medium:etching and drypoint?  
Ink colour:dark brown  
Additional work on the print, e.g. in pencil:no  
Print tone:no  
Note on foul biting:scattered flecks; four fairly prominent vertical scratches-- one near the left edge, one above the lobster pot, one between the lobster pot and 'Selsea' (note that the last two are probably part of the same scratch), and one through the butterfly  
Print note:The distant ships and figures are visible but are fainter than on NGA 1942.15.36  


Whistler's sign on plate:butterfly  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the plate:'Selsea Bill -'  
Inscriptions by others on the plate:no  
Whistler's signature on paper:no  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the paper:no  
Tab signed/inscribed:butterfly 'imp' not by Whistler  
Note on the tab:tab 135 to 143 mm from left; butterfly not by Whistler  


Printer's signature (e.g. Goulding):no  
Notes on inscriptions:The tab is odd, not trimemd by Whistler; the tab location is the same as NGA 1942.15.36  
Collector's mark:'LJR' stamp (L.J. Rosenwald, Lugt 1760b)  
Dealers' stock nos:no  
Misc inscriptions by others:' "W" ' at lower right corner on the verso; title and K number at lower left on the verso  


Source of information:Whistler Etchings Project and museum records  

All inscriptions are in graphite pencil unless otherwise stated.