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Thames Warehouses

Victoria and Albert Museum
Accession no: 19789
State: 3/5

Collection credit:  
Image credit:Photo ¬©Victoria and Albert Museum, London  
Provenance:Sold as 'Frederick Vink, Wharfinger' by Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), London, to South Kensington Museum with 15 other etchings including seven from the 'Thames Set' on 1 January 1861 for ¬£10.10.10 for all 16 etchings.  
Additional acq. no:EE.1B  


Paper size:n/a mm  
Plate mark size:77 x 202 mm  
Paper trimmed to pmk?:no  
Colour of the paper:ivory  
Paper type (wove, laid, Japan etc):laid  
Note on the paper:thick, platemark edge bulging, slightly browned  
Ink colour:black  
Additional work on the print, e.g. in pencil:no  
Print tone:even light plate tone  
Note on foul biting:foul biting top left corner; granular tone around signature lower right  
Print note:The area around and on the boat in the foreground has probably been treated either with a fabric in soft ground, or with a fabric taking off hard ground, resulting in a fine fabric texture effect. White lines were then burnished out here. K0380109 is very like K0380229, less like K0380104, which has more scratches at the bottom left, and more foul biting at the bottom right corner and top left corner.  


Whistler's sign on plate:'Whistler.'  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the plate:'1859.' and, on buildings, 'FREDK [superscript 'K'] VINK & Co [superscript 'o'] / ROPE & SAIL MAKERS', 'SMITH & SON. / HERMITAGE COAL WHARF', 'HO[A]RES WHARF'  
Inscriptions by others on the plate:no  
Whistler's signature on paper:not on recto  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the paper:not on recto  
Tab signed/inscribed:no  
Note on the tab:  


Printer's signature (e.g. Goulding):not on recto  
Notes on inscriptions:  
Collector's mark:'VAM' stamp erased in the bottom right corner recto.  
Dealers' stock nos:n/a  
Misc inscriptions by others:n/a  


Source of information:Whistler Etchings Project  

All inscriptions are in graphite pencil unless otherwise stated.