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Thames Warehouses

Freer Gallery of Art
Accession no: 1908.188
State: 2/5

Collection credit:Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution  
Image credit:Photo © Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution  
Provenance:Bought from Hermann Wunderlich & Co., New York (receipt, 14 December 1908), by Charles Lang Freer (1856-1919), Detroit, MI, December 1908; bequeathed to the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1919.  


Paper size:79 x 207 mm  
Plate mark size:76 x 204 mm  
Note on size:With very narrow--almost thread--margins.  
Paper trimmed to pmk?:yes  
Colour of the paper:ivory  
Paper type (wove, laid, Japan etc):wove  
Note on the paper:heavy weight card-type paper; little debris - uneven distribution.  
Medium:etching and drypoint?  
Ink colour:black  
Additional work on the print, e.g. in pencil:no  
Print tone:no  
Note on foul biting:Scattered flecks and patches of foul biting thoughout image; work over boat in foreground and docked barge behind it appears to go beyond foul bite and to be some sort of intentional tonal work.  
Print note:Good strong impression with obvious burnishing marks. Check to make sure fine lines at left that appear to be drypoint (lines in water and possibly standing figure in boat) are not simply partly scraped out etched lines--there is clear evidence of scraping around them. Another group of lines at lower left more completely removed. Tonal work (sand or salt grain? open bite? ) on foreground boat shows evidence of stopping out (or burnishing??) to create contrasting white areas; barge behind it has areas of regular dots that resemble softground (this regular work may extend below onto foreground boat?) as well as a patch of burnishing or stopping-out.  


Whistler's sign on plate:'Whistler.'  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the plate:'1859.' and, on buildings, 'FREDK [superscript 'K'] VINK & Co [superscript 'o'] / ROPE & SAIL MAKERS', 'SMITH & SON. / HERMITAGE COAL WHARF', 'HO[A]RES WHARF'  
Inscriptions by others on the plate:no  
Whistler's signature on paper:no  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the paper:no  
Tab signed/inscribed:no  
Note on the tab:  


Printer's signature (e.g. Goulding):no  
Notes on inscriptions:'5' in plate date '1859' is not clearly legible.  
Collector's mark:no  
Dealers' stock nos:'a 45151' on verso at lower left  
Misc inscriptions by others:'2/-/-' on verso  


Source of information:Whistler Etchings Project and museum records  

All inscriptions are in graphite pencil unless otherwise stated.