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Rag Pickers, Quartier Mouffetard, Paris

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Accession no: 1987.41.62
State: 1/5

Collection credit:  
Image credit:Photo © National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC  
Provenance:Listed by E. G. Kennedy as owned by G. Mayer, 1910. Given by John Nichols Estabrook and Dorothy Coogan Estabrook to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1987.  


Paper size:152 x 87 mm  
Plate mark size:152 x 87 mm  
Paper trimmed to pmk?:yes  
Colour of the paper:ivory  
Paper type (wove, laid, Japan etc):laid  
Note on the paper:colour is almost buff  
Watermarks:Shell (see Chicago watermarks 276-277)  
Ink colour:black (warm)  
Additional work on the print, e.g. in pencil:no  
Print tone:very light overall tone  
Note on foul biting:some along the top right corner and bottom  
Print note:This is the impression of the first state reproduced by Kennedy; it was previously catalogued in the database as between the first and second states.  


Whistler's sign on plate:'Whistler' ('s' reversed)  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the plate:no  
Inscriptions by others on the plate:no  
Whistler's signature on paper:no  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the paper:no  
Tab signed/inscribed:no  
Note on the tab:no  


Printer's signature (e.g. Goulding):no  
Notes on inscriptions:  
Collector's mark:"E.G.K" (E.G.Kennedy) in pencil on verso. "B.M" (B.B.MacGeorge) stamp on verso. Red stamp on recto  
Dealers' stock nos:no  
Misc inscriptions by others:  


Source of information:Whistler Etchings Project and museum records  

All inscriptions are in graphite pencil unless otherwise stated.