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The Unsafe Tenement

Hunterian Art Gallery
Accession no: 46699
State: 2/4

Collection credit:The Hunterian, University of Glasgow  
Image credit:Photo © The Hunterian, University of Glasgow  
Provenance:Dr J. A McCallum (1862-1948); given to the University of Glasgow, 1939.  


Paper size:157 x 225 mm  
Plate mark size:157 x 225 mm  
Note on size:Paper is trimmed very close to platemark, the descender of the letter 'q' from the inscription 'Rue St. Jacques' is cut off.  
Paper trimmed to pmk?:yes  
Colour of the paper:ivory  
Paper type (wove, laid, Japan etc):wove  
Note on the paper:inlaid on cream wove paper  
Medium:etching and drypoint  
Ink colour:black  
Additional work on the print, e.g. in pencil:no  
Print tone:Slight tone in areas of sky and ground.  
Note on foul biting:Foul biting close to the margins within clearly defined areas, almost as drawn with a ruler (esp. on the left), at lower margin the foul biting is limited by a wavelike area of white. Pitting in the areas of sky and ground in 'dot-clouds'. Fingerprint foul-bitten in lower left corner.  
Print note:HAG web page records the Kennedy state as III but that description does not match the print. Lines of a female figure where the pitchfork now is (left) are visible. Other traces of former state are visible on the ground between the pitchfork and the child in the middle.  


Whistler's sign on plate:'Whistler.' ('s' reversed)  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the plate:no  
Inscriptions by others on the plate:'Imp. Delatre. Rue St. [superscript 't'] Jacques. 171.'  
Whistler's signature on paper:no  
Inscriptions by Whistler on the paper:no  
Tab signed/inscribed:no  
Note on the tab:  


Printer's signature (e.g. Goulding):no  
Notes on inscriptions:  
Collector's mark:'JAMcC' (J. A. McCallum) rectangular stamp in brown ink on verso  
Dealers' stock nos:no  
Misc inscriptions by others:no  


Source of information:Whistler Etchings Project  

All inscriptions are in graphite pencil unless otherwise stated.