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Jean-Louis Henri Le Secq, 1818-1882

Nationality: French
Date of Birth:


Jean-Louis-Henri Le Secq (1818-1882), also known as Des Tournelles, was a Parisian painter, etcher and collector.


Le Secq, a student of Paul Delaroche and Granger, amassed a considerable art collection included paintings by Impressionist painters Sisley, Monet and Jongkind, as well as examples from the British school. His extensive print collection comprised examples ancient and modern, including Rembrandt, Dürer, Ostade, Delacroix, Meryon, Millet, Seymour Haden and Whistler. Among the Whistler etchings he purchased were K0340207, Portrait of Whistler (K54), K1840409 and The Beggars (K194). His collection was sold in Paris on 17-18 April 1905.


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