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David P. Becker, - - - -

Nationality: American
Date of Birth:


David Becker graduated from Bowdoin College of Art, Maine, with the class of 1970.


The New York dealer Frederick Keppel gave a Whistler etching to Mr and Mrs Becker, which was given in turn by their son, David P. Becker, to Bowdoin College Museum of Art on 28 September 1993. David Becker is an honorary curator at Colby College Museum of Art, Maine where he organised a series of exhibitions of Whistler etchings from 2006-7.

After working as Assistant Curator of Printing and Graphics Arts in the Houghton Library at Harvard College Library, Harvard University, Becker is currently in the Prints department at Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

He has written and contributed to several books on calligraphy, old master drawings, and on prints, with a particular emphasis on Maine collections and artiss. A Maine-wide series of exhibitions marked the publication of his book, The Imprint of Place : Maine Printmaking 1800-2005, 2006.