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Ernst Arnold, fl. 1875-1895

Nationality: German
Date of Birth:


Ernst Arnold was a Dresden art and print dealer and publisher.


Arnold had great admiration for the work of JW which he had seen in London. In the summer of 1895 he met JW in Paris and JW promised to send him some pictures and pastels for exhibition at his Dresden gallery. Sir E. Forbes, who owned some of JW's pastels, and the Goupil Gallery, agreed to also contribute works to this show. In September of that year Arnold wrote to JW to say that he was 'arranging an exhibition of modern english graphic work which will take place in my own galleries' which would include 35 of JW's etchings. However, he was unable to obtain any of JW's lithographs, although he had viewed some at the home of Thomas Way, and he asks JW to send him a set (#00197).

In 1910 Arnold held an exhibition of the work of Die Brücke in his Dresden gallery.


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