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Beatrice Whistler

Drypoint on laid paper
K.441 (1/1)
The Whistler Estate, bequeathed by Rosalind Birnie Philip, 1958
Hunterian Art Gallery, GLAHA 49930

Beatrice Godwin (1857-1896, ne Philip, also refered to as 'Beatrix' or 'Trixie') was a designer and artist, daughter of the sculptor John Birnie Philip, and widow of E.W. Godwin.1. She and James Whistler married in 1888. Whistler drew and painted several intensely sympathetic portraits of her.

E.G. Kennedy thought, wrongly, that this delicate, lively drypoint showed Trixie's sister, Ethel. Trixie was a tremendous support to Whistler, helping to print and organise his etchings and liaising with clients. In 1894 she fell ill and died of cancer in 1896. Whistler was devastated by her death.

1. Photograph: Beatrice Whistler, ca 1887, Glasgow University Library, Special Collections, Whistler PH1/59.