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Melon-Shop, Houndsditch

Etching and drypoint on laid paper
K.293 (3/3)
The Whistler Estate, presented by Rosalind Birnie Philip, 1935
Hunterian Art Gallery, GLAHA 46630

In 1887-1888 Whistler worked in London's East End on a series of etchings, which were printed in small editions of ten or twelve. Whistler was attracted to Houndsditch with its small shops and busy markets. This is a very sympathetic image of beauty in the back streets. The etching may date from the summer of 1888 (the first recorded sale was for 10.10.0 to Wunderlich's on 29 June 1888). 1.

1. Letter to Wunderlich and Co., GUW 13052.