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Carel Vosmaer, 1826-1888

Nationality: Dutch
Date of Birth: 1826


Carel Vosmaer was an etcher and writer on art.


Vosmaer was the secretary of the Exhibition of Living Masters at the Hague in 1863, which awarded Whistler a gold medal for his Thames etchings. In August 1863, when Whistler visited Holland, Vosmaer found him some sheets of old Dutch paper. As a token of his appreciation, Whistler sent him three proofs printed on the paper: Eagle Wharf 050, Black Lion Wharf 054 and W. Jones, Lime-Burner, Thames Street 055. Apparently, Vosmaer did not attach much importance to these etchings, and a year later, suggested exchanging one for prints by Jean-Pierre Norblin de la Gourdaine, but was advised not to split up the set. However, Vosmaer hoped to send Whistler the first of his studies of Rembrandt: Rembrandt Harmesn van Rijn, ses précurseurs et ses années d'apprentissage, The Hague, 1863 (see C. Vosmaer to JW, 1 February 1864, #01948).


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