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Rosa Mary Menpes, 1855-1936

Nationality: Australian
Date of Birth: 1855
Place of Death: Pangbourne


Rosa Mary Menpes was the daughter of Rosetta Matilda Venn (d. 1866) and James Grosse. On 27 April 1875 she married Mortimer Luddington Menpes, the painter, etcher and pupil of JW. They had a son, Mortimer James (b. 1879), and two daughters. Their second daughter Dorothy Whistler Menpes, later Mrs Flower, was JW's goddaughter, and she was named in his honour.


The Menpeses met JW in 1880. Rosa Menpes' husband became JW's pupil and studio assistant. They owned several works by JW, including The Blue Band y262, Note in Blue and Green y307, Study in Brown y313, Draped Study y320, Portrait of William M. Chase y322 and White and Grey: La Cour de l'hôtel, Dieppe y325.

JW painted her daughter Dorothy's portrait in 1884/1885, when she was under 2 years of age. She is shown with one bare foot, having pulled off one of her shoes, Note in Flesh Colour and Grey: Portrait of Miss Dorothy Menpes y260. JW also painted a watercolour (Master Menpes m1017) and oil (Master Menpes y261) of her son. JW made an etching of the Menpes children about 1887, The Menpes Children 300.

From 1888 the Menpes family lived at 25 Cadogan Gardens, their famous lavishly decorated 'Japanese House'. JW and Mortimer Menpes fell out in 1888 over the house, which JW felt copied his ideas and principals. It was auctioned in 1900, and the Menpeses moved to Kent.


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