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Manuel, Mrs Manuel, Mrs, 1853-1905

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1853
Place of Birth: London
Place of Death: Marlborough Gate 2, London


Sophia Manuel, née Ionides, was the sister of Nellie Whistler. She married Miltiades Basil Manuel (1841-1907). They had a son, Stephen Manuel.


JW seemed to be very fond of Sophie Manuel, whom he described as 'delightful' [#06713]. She commissioned JW to paint her son's portrait. Sittings for Arrangement in Grey: Portrait of Master Stephen Manuel y321 took place in 1885. According to the artist Walter Sickert, JW did not work quickly enough for the child who became tired from posing. Sickert made an etched portrait of him at the same time.


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