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Guy John Fenton Knowles, 1879-1959

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 1879


Guy John Fenton Knowles was a print collector.


A keen mountaineer, he joined a British expedition to K2 under the direction of O. Eckenstein, and co-director Crowley in 1902. This did not go too well, and ended with his threatening Crowley with a pistol.

He was a friend of Rodin, and bequeathed his Rodin sculpture Brother and Sister, as well as his Whistler etchings, to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.


1902: con O. Eckenstein como jefe y Crowley como subdirector de una expedición británica, J. Guillarmod y Wesseley alcanzan los 6.500 m por la arista NE. El ambiente fue tenso: Guy John Fenton Knowles amenazó a Crowley a punta de pistola. En la misma expedición va el austriaco Heinrich Pfannl (1870-1929). [great stuff!]