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Otto Gutekunst, ca 1865-after 1939

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: ca 1865
Place of Birth: Germany


Otto Gutekunst was a German art dealer who became a naturalised British citizen, living in Streatham, London.


Otto Gutekunst was one of the sons of Hermann G. Gutekunst of Stuttgart, an auctioneer in Stuttgart. He became the partner of Edmund Deprez in the firm of Deprez and Gutekunst. They had a gallery during the 1890s near Charing Cross Road, London. Gutekunst was also taken into partnership with Colnaghi's by William McKay in 1894. He was in business contact with Whistler throughout the 1890s and Whistler seems to have valued and trusted him. A brother, Richard, was the proprietor of a firm of printseller and valuers [#09793, #00951]. The firm exhibited Whistler's etchings during the early 1900s. Otto Gutekunst retired to Switzerland in 1939.


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