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Albert Eugene Gallatin, 1882-1952

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1882
Place of Birth: Villanova, PA
Place of Death: New York, NY


Albert Eugene Gallatin was an artist, author and pioneer collector of abstract art.


He wrote numerous works on Whistler including: Gallatin, Albert Eugene, 'J. A. McN. Whistler: Notes Towards a Bibliography,' The Literary Collector, vol. 1, nos. 3 and 5, and vol. 2, nos. 1 and 4, December 1900, February, April, and July 1901, pp. 13-15, 20-21, 23-24 and 111-112; Gallatin, Albert Eugene, Whistler's Art Dicta and Other Essays, Boston, 1904; Gallatin, Albert Eugene, Whistler, Notes and Footnotes, and other Memoranda, New York and London, 1907; Gallatin, Albert Eugene, The Portraits and Caricatures of James McNeill Whistler: An Iconography, London, New York and Toronto, 1913; Gallatin, Albert Eugene, Portraits of Whistler: A Critical Study and an Iconography, New York and London, 1918.


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