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Chancellerie, Loches

Impression: Hunterian Art Gallery
Hunterian Art Gallery
Number: 411
Date: 1888
Medium: etching
Size: 271 x 166 mm
Signed: butterfly at right
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: no
No. of States: 7
Known impressions: 14
Catalogues: K.383; M.383
Impressions taken from this plate  (14)


architecture, building, children, dog, people, Renaissance architecture, sculpture, shop, shop-front, streetscape.


The minor variations on the title, language and punctuation are as follows:

'Chancellerie Loches' (1887/1888, Whistler). 1
'The Chancellerie ' (1889, Whistler). 2
'Chancellerie' (1900, Caxton Club). 3
'Chancellerie - Loches' (1890/1892, Beatrice Whistler (1857-1896)). 4
'Chancellor’s Office, Loches' (1893, Chicago). 5
'Chancellerie, Loches' (1898, Wunderlich's). 6
'Chancellerie, Loches' (1902, Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932)). 7
'La Chancellerie. Loches' (1905, Paris). 8

'Chancellerie, Loches' is the preferred title, based on Whistler's original title, with added punctuation.

1: List, [1887/1888], GUW #13233.

2: List, 18 July 1889, GUW #13235.

3: Chicago 1900 (cat. no. E263).

4: List, [1890/1892], GUW #12715.

5: Chicago 1893 (cat. no. 2259 [1679]).

6: New York 1898 (cat. no. 239).

7: Kennedy 1902[more] (cat. no. 334).

8: Paris Mem. 1905 (cat. no. 429).


A view uphill along a cobbled street peopled with women, children and dogs. At the right there is a tall building with a flagpole leaning out to left from the upper floor. Halfway up, on the left of the street, another narrow street leads to the left. On the corners at each side of this street are ornate four-storey buildings with dormer windows and tall chimneys. These two buildings have pillars at the corners of the first and second storey, and balconies in front of many-paned windows; the façades are decorated with sculptured details and carvings. On the ground floor of the building on the far side of this side-street a sign is partially visible, reading 'REMENTS', under the large window. Two women are standing on the pavement at left, a dog in the street in front of them. A woman with a child in her arms and a child by her side is standing in the street, near two barrels at right, and a little girl is standing in the street in front. Two women are walking up hill in the distance.


The Chancellerie (Chancellery) was at Nos. 10-14 Rue du Château, 37600 Loches, in the Loire valley, France. It dates from the mid 16th century, during the reign of Francis I and Henri II. The low relief sculpture represents Hercules, Nessus and Deianeira. 9

9: Georges Montmarché, Les Chateaux de la Loire ..., Paris, 1924, p. 179. A. Montoux, 'Maison du centaure et chancellerie a Loches', Bulletin Trimestral de la Societe Archeologique du Touraine, 39, 1981 , pp. 895- 912.