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Impression: Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago
Number: 12
Date: 1858
Medium: etching
Size: 163 x 109 mm
Signed: 'Whistler' at lower right (2-final)
Inscribed: 'Imp. Delatre. Rue St. Jacques, 171' at lower left (5)
Set/Publication: 'French Set', 1858
No. of States: 5
Known impressions: 75
Catalogues: K.13; M.15; T.12; W.18
Impressions taken from this plate  (75)


Five states are known.

State 1

Etching: K0130101
There is no signature or inscription.
The composition is complete. The subject is mostly in outline, with pale foul biting along the bottom of the skirt and on the right side of the skirt and shawl.
In the impression illustrated, there is light shading on the hair, face, bodice and sleeves in graphite pencil.

State 2

Etching: K0130201
Signed 'Whistler' at lower right; the signature was retraced, and the lines appear double under magnification.
Considerable new work throughout includes further definition of the hair and face, delineation of a lace collar, and cross-hatched diagonal shading on the bodice, sleeves and apron.

State 3

Etching: K0130301
Horizontal, vertical and diagonal zigzag shading is added at left; a single horizontal line delineates the base of the wall at lower right; new work darkens the folds and shadows of the bodice, sleeves and apron; there are patches of foul biting on either side of the figure and tool marks at the upper left and lower right corners.

State 4

Etching: K0130302
Fine horizontal and diagonal lines are added to the shading at left; above the single line at lower right, a series of close horizontal lines defines the top of a pavement, dais or step; fine, widely-spaced crosshatched lines are added over the foul biting.

State 5

Etching: K0130402
Inscribed 'Imp. Delatre. Rue St. Jacques. 171.' (the 't' in 'St' raised and the 's' in 'Jacques' reversed) at lower left.
The horizontal lines at lower right and the pale cross-hatching over the foul biting above them print very faintly on some impressions. An impression from a late printing has grey patches across the centre of the image, representing corrosion on the surface of the plate ().
Published in the 'French Set' in this state.