Rue de la Rochefoucault

Impression: Hunterian Art Gallery
Hunterian Art Gallery
Number: 434
Date: 1888
Medium: etching and drypoint
Size: 132 x 221 mm
Signed: butterfly at upper left of centre
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: no
No. of States: 4
Known impressions: 8
Catalogues: K.419; M.365
Impressions taken from this plate  (8)


child, fish shop, fruitshop, oysters, people, shop-front, stall, street.


There are several variations in the spelling and length of the title, as follows:

'RUE DE LA ROCHEFOUCAULT' (1888, Whistler). 2
'Shops Rochefoucaulét (French Plates)' [sic] (1887/1888], Whistler). 3
'Rochefoucault ' (1889, Whistler). 4
'Rue de la Rochefoucault, Paris' (1889, Exposition Universelle). 5
Rue Rochefoucault' (1890/1891, Whistler). 6
'Paris Rue de la 'Rochefoucault' // Shops - Rue - Ro[c]hefoucault' (1890/1892, Beatrice Whistler (1857-1896)). 7
'Rue Rochefoucault' (1902, Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932)). 8
'Rue de La Rochefoucauld' (1905, Paris). 9
'Rue de la Rochefoucault' (1909, Howard Mansfield (1849-1938)). 10

Whistler's original title 'Rue de la Rochefoucault' is the preferred title. The street name can be spelt Rochefoucault or Rochefoucauld.

2: Etched on the copper plate.

3: List, [August 1887/1888], GUW #13233.

4: List, 18 July 1889, GUW #13235.

5: Paris Exp. Univ. 1889 (cat. no. 419).

6: List, [1890/1891], GUW #13236.

7: List, 1890/1892, GUW #12715.

8: Kennedy 1902 (cat. no. 316).

9: Paris Mem. 1905 (cat. no. 424).

10: Mansfield 1909 (cat. no. 365).


Five small shops fill the front of a building upon which, at the right, is the sign: 'RUE DE LA ROCHEFOUCAULT'. In front of the shop, at extreme left, a woman with a shopping basket and a small child are standing in front of a fruit-stall; a lamp is visible in the shadowy interior. To right, a man is seated inside the second shop window, talking to a woman standing outside. The door of the third shop is open, and inside a woman is bending over a counter to her left. The adjoining shop displays two signs announcing 'HUITRES DU JOUR', and a woman is seated in the dark interior. Within the shop at far right are two women, both with their backs turned. Above the shops are what appears to be panelling or closed louvred windows. In the foreground is an indication of the cobbled street and narrow pavement.


A restaurant and carry-out selling fresh oysters, and adjoining shops, in the rue de la Rochefoucault, also known as the rue de la Rochefoucauld, in the 9th Arrondissement in Paris, France. The street runs north from the rue Saint Lazare. The Café de la Rochefoucault, known as 'La Roche' and frequented by the Impressionists, was on the corner of the rue de la Rochefoucault and the rue Notre Dame de Lorette. The Musée Gustave Moreau is at 14 rue de la Rochefoucault; Berlioz had lived at No. 15; and Renoir lived in the same street from 1897.