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Gypsy Baby

Impression: Freer Gallery of Art
Freer Gallery of Art
Number: 373
Date: 1887/1888
Medium: etching
Size: 100 x 68 mm
Signed: butterfly at lower right
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: no
No. of States: 1
Known impressions: 3
Catalogues: K.339; M.337
Impressions taken from this plate  (3)
Gypsy Baby dates from late 1887 or early 1888. The butterfly signature etched on the copper plate is consistent with this date.
Comparative image

It was first sold by Whistler in February 1888. 1

Etchings of this period include The Little Cloak [370], Resting by the Stove [372], The Fan [375], Baby Pettigrew [374], and The Japanese Dress [371],

1: Whistler to T. McLean, [11 February 1888], GUW #13018.