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The Temple

Impression: Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago
Number: 245
Date: 1880/1881
Medium: etching
Size: 102 x 154 mm
Signed: butterfly at lower left
Inscribed: no
Set/Publication: 'Second Venice Set', 1886
No. of States: 1
Known impressions: 25
Catalogues: K.234; M.231; W.170
Impressions taken from this plate  (25)
The Temple dates from late 1880 or early 1881. The butterfly signature is consistent with this date, as is the lack of foliage on the tree, suggesting it is a winter scene.
It was published by Messrs Dowdeswell and Thibaudeau with A Set of Twenty-six Etchings (the 'Second Venice Set') in 1886, and most impressions were printed then.